Well-Being 🍀 Your Garden of Flow 🍀

“My Short Story”

Well-Being is a process of growth on a personal level. An inner journey where you have to face your challenges in life if you want to grow as a person.

Dealing with my challenges sounds not so hard to do. Right? Well, there is something else that you have to consider. Are you willing to look at the reflection in your mirror together with your package filled with challenges you’ve had to face in your life?


Dealing with your life challenges creates a new & open space. Space where you can breathe and make new goals which are aligned with your passion.

Being aligned with my passion is what I did one year after my husband past away. I ran my fifth marathon without the support of my buddy. First I experienced that my life was meaningless. Hit the ground so hard that even the thought of living a life of joy seemed impossible.

To have the idea that you can’t sink deeper than you are experiencing now is exactly the moment that something happens. A helping hand through having an insight or a talk. This is the phase in your life that you can choose to act in a way that will support you. That will give you new energy supporting you in this healing process. Running this marathon gave me self-confidence and hope. Being well in the sense of being myself.

How I see Well-Being in the sense of Being You

It’s a state of being comfortable in showing your authentic self. Finding your balance to live in harmony feeling healthy and happy. Your energy level is sky high because you do what you are passioned about. Being self-confidence and hopeful.

Also, your personal values are directly connected to your inner voice. Your passion becomes tangible, so your energy level rises. As a result, your body language is powerful, both in your appearance as in the way you communicate.

This is what I wish for you.

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