My story

“Challenges of life become your greatest strengths”

My life filled with adventure and challenges. Being a little girl spontaneous searching for my boundaries. One of these boundaries I found living for one year in Portugal. Reflecting with my inner self, who am I and where do I stand in my life. Sitting on my favourite mountain creating my own spot with elements from nature. Elements like stones, wood and grass. Timeless moments looking for connection and authenticity. A journey without any borders …

Zoals je bent

I believe by daring to be yourself that enhances your natural appearance. Your inner harmony is the source of sparkling energy. Maybe you recognize what I’m saying. If you do what you love you get more energy and joy because of it. Being connected with your lessons of life, your skills. Transformed into your life story. Powerful and authentic, as you are.

Curious how this works? Great! Push the button and let’s meet. I love to hear about your story of life.

“To give yourself freedom is accepting your true self”

More about Lisette

Mission & Vision


It’s my mission as a Well-Being mentor connecting men and women to their authentic voice of life.


I’m convinced that authenticity is a 100% match with your own story of life. Being connected through the choices you made in your life taken from your passion. A personal promise with a powerful and effective result. You developed a growth mindset based on your qualities and skills.

Quality Time

Enjoying nature together with my dog Wolf 💚

Dogs are masters in reading attitude, behaviour and emotions. Being honest, sincerely, grounded without judgement. Wolf’s playful behaviour triggers the little girl inside of me. An importing life learning experience. He is my mirror showing me where I stand and what my qualities are.


With proud connected to

Younique Move Week

Get moving and develop with the right mindset, vision and pleasure your future plan. Time to M.O.V.E.

The Hormonefactor

A healthy lifestyle that fits you. A balanced hormone system creates clarity in your daily lifestyle together with a diet that fits like a second skin.

De Hormoonfactor


The go-to place for women game changers!

GIFEW is a global multi-dimensional platform for transformational education, connection and synergistic collaboration of conscious women leaders around the world.

GIFEW is committed that every woman leader with a vision for the world creates and lives a fulfilled, authentic and integrated life on her way to fulfil on her purpose and legacy.


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