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Voice Up your Story

Michelle Obama - Voice Up

My Short Story inspired by Michelle Obama life in Amsterdam

Well-Being is a process of growth on a personal level. An inner journey where you have to face your challenges in life if you want to grow as a person.

This blog is about why it’s important to talk about challenges in life. And more what can a role model give you for support in facing these challenges. A role model who can help you in solving things because they already have been there before.

One of my role models is Michelle Obama. She inspires me through her down to earth attitude. On 17th April 2019, she paid a visit to the Netherlands. A promotion tour of her book ‘Becoming’. For me a beautiful chance to see her performing life. And so I did.

She mentioned something that landed directly in my heart. I quote: “We are all looking to find each other out there. We all find our paths to becoming. The only way to do it is to be vulnerable and share our stories with the world.  We are not that far away from a part as people on this planet. See yourself on a journey.”


What do a role model and their stories play for a role in our daily life? When you are inspired by a role model, it has a meaning. The development and success of this person. How life challenges are embraced through falling and standing up, again and again.

Our stories contain falling down and standing up. Because of feeling insecure, we attend to hide ourselves to share our stories. The opposite is proving that if we can open up a little bit more and share our stories, our real stories about:

  • Our pain and our cramps
  • Our hopes and our joy
  • The little things that connect us

That what breaks down barriers. People around me are connecting because I told the story. But it is the story that’s the power. But in order to do that we first have to believe that our story has value. And we all, most of us don’t believe that. Most of us think that there is one way to be human. There is one way to be right.

Killing and fighting is one way of acting being right. There is one motion to vote for, one way to love, one way to look. And that’s so far from the truth up how we have been creating. So, we have to feel good about ourselves to tap into our own stories before we can share it.

My mission in life is to support you to Voice up by sharing more stories

We need more stories out there about how to be human. We need to expand the possibility to tell our stories. It doesn’t have to be told through biographies and public speaking. Tell it to your children, your neighbour, your family, your friends.

Be vulnerable, this is how to find your voice, to find strength and how you become you. Being authentic and don’t be afraid to open up. Know how to be brave and be hopeful because we ow it to the next generation.


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