The story behind the passion

I am inspired by people who literally live their passion. The driving force behind their visibility is always a wonderful story. Storytelling pur sang.

The stories of these people I’ve met and interviewed you find on this page. It’s about their work, their passion and what their mission in life is.

I also like to share music that fits my passion and work.

Live from London with Andy Harrington

Day 3 in London “Public Speakers University”. Interview with the Amazing Woman Carole Fossey! A top mentor/ coach during this 4 days training!

Interview with Marion Bevington

At the PSA Public Speaker in London May 2017 I conducted an interview with Marian Bevington, author “Companies can do Yoga Too” & Public Speaker.

Interview met Cheryl Chapman

Interview with Cheryl Chapman at the PSA Public Speaker May 2017 in London. Author “Find Your Why”

Interview with Ralph Moorman

The journey through your own story, nurtured by your passion, creates chances and opportunities that you could never have imagined before. Ralph expresses beautifully how his passion works as a source of inspiration works for others.

Interview with Lynne Twist

What constitutes your story? Old patterns made up of beliefs created by personal experiences. The pieces of your life puzzle. The top 3 of these beliefs appointed Lynne Twist in this video:

  • There is not enough …
  • More = better …
  • It’s like it is …

Lynne Twist is the Founder of the Soul of Money Institute

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