Vitaliteit Pure Energie

Vitality is a pure form of energy flowing through your veins. You feel happy and powerful. The right hormone balance makes itself visible by having a strong immune system. You are conscious of what you eat and give attention to yourself. With the result that you know what you want, your vision is clear.

This happens when your own life story connects with the person who looks at you in the mirror. The mirror indicates what you are radiating now. But what if the image you see is missing something? Feeling vital means working on your health every day. This is done by looking at your feeding pattern. Is It only power supply? No, absolutely not. A piece of mindset certainly belongs to this. Become aware of what you are doing, create a growth mindset to optimally develop your qualities and skills.

How vital do you feel?

Present | Unique | Role | Energy

Awareness that everything in life happens with a reason, gives you a choice for acceptance.

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Being present helps you to focus on where you are standing now.


Feel unique by expressing your passion.


Dare to play the main role in your own life.


Feeling energy is the result of a healthy hormone balance.

What can I being a Hormonefactor trainersupport you in?

What is your balance when you look at your diet? What role do relaxation and movement play in your life? If you think of vitality, what rating do you give yourself? Physical symptoms such as regularly tired or suffer from your intestines have been treated well. Through tailored advice and support, we take the first steps to transform the imbalance you are experiencing into a proper hormone balance.

Phase 1: We Start by completing the anamnesis form. A questionnaire in preparation for our first interview.

Phase 2: Our first call of 90 minutes we focus on your sent information. We compile your 1st treatment plan. Tracking a food journal is a component. As a follow up a tailor-made nutritional advice.

Phase 3: Our second interview is an evaluation of what is going well and where possible support is needed.

Wellbeing-Vitality Hormonebalance guidance program € 180,-

Anamnesis, 2 (online) Mentor Coaching (90 min + 45 min), including tailor-made nutrition and exercise advice + practical Roadmap

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