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    💚 Visionair and Conscious Well-Being Leader

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I believe that being your unique self creates a natural flow of appearance. Be in harmony with your inner world provides that sparkling energy which helps you to share your important message to the world. To transform your life lessons into meaningful stories which can support others. My mission in life is being the bridge between you and your story. For you to create impact with your message globally.

Know-Thy-Selfie: Smile at yourself and say out loud “Wow, you are great!”


Being here in this present moment makes me feel grateful. To have the opportunity for sharing my story to the world. I’m aware that the element of time plays a big role in all of this. Why wait to become visible to others? An important lesson I’ve learned in my life. I’m proud of being the person I am in this life. It’s time to connect with the outer world. I’m ready, let’s connect 💚

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Being a little girl I spontaneous found my way into this world. Filled with adventures and challenges. Sometimes I was overwhelmed by loss, not knowing what to do next. I followed my heart and found myself exploring Portugal for 1 year. Searching for answers who am I and what is my mission in life. It became a journey without borders.

The past is like going to school, learn your ‘lessons of life’ seriously so your qualities become visible!”

Well B-E-I-N-G











Personal Growth

For 20 years I have a background in the finance world. In the last 10 years, I discovered what living your passion is all about. Focus on body & hormone balance, I became a health coach.

My transformation really started through learning about conscious leadership at the Global Institute of Extraordinary Women (GIFEW). A journey filled with challenges to overcome. To find the courage to look at me in the mirror and to embrace what my reflection is showing me.

With this knowledge, a new phase in my life appears. It’s time to connect with the outer world being a mentor teacher in Amy Carrier’s Classroom. Sharing my expertise as a Well-Being mentor and TEDx-speaker coach. Living your passion is the best gift you can give yourself. 💚

Quality time

I love being together with my amazing dog Wolf  💚

Dogs are masters in reading posture, behaviour and emotions. They are honest, sincere and do not judge. Wolf’s playful behaviour triggers the little girl inside me to play. An authentic learning experience. He is part of my story, my mirror learning to stay grounded and focused during my walks with him. What a gift to get 100% attention just to stay present. Let’s play!

Wolf my - story

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“I have learned that as long as I hold fast to my beliefs and values –
and follow my own moral compass – then the only expectations I need to live up to are my own.”

Michelle Obama