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This FREE 30-MIN consultation is giving you the space to find out where you stand in life. Live Mindful Daily is about creating a strong foundation for you where all the pieces of your life puzzle will fall in place.

You’ll be asked questions about your current Life Style, Life Story and Life Structure.

In these 30 minutes, there will be insights for you to dive into. Also, I will provide tools for you to work on together with a roadmap to start your new journey.

If you are curious to learn more about yourself and the possibilities you can take as a result? Then I’m inviting you to book your FREE 30-MIN consultation now. Discover new elements about yourself and be ready for new insights you’ll get during our online session!

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Live Mindful Daily FREE 30-MIN consultation

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“I have experienced a positive boost for my company through “Tedify your Story”. In the beginning, I felt like we were having a nice conversation. Until we worked on the StoryTelling-assignment, I discovered the structure of my own story that was there already. I would not have thought about it without Lisette’s help.”

Annelies DeinumE-mail Coaching

“The online session with Lisette I have become more aware of my own story of life. Lisette’s inquiring questions gave me insights into the steps I took in my life that led me here standing in this present moment. I am grateful for the journey Lisette and I took through my story of life. My story ready to share with the world.”

Jolinda van der MeijMantelzorg aan Huis

“Working with Lisette is all about the essence of images, words, impressions, (choice) moments.

Knowing the essence the rest follows as natural: Act. Very educational.”

Antoine WegmanLinkedIn profiel Antoine

“What I want to say is that Lisette is an extremely good listener. She provided a space for me to share my story having insights which made my story clear. She also supported me to stretch my comfort zone connecting with my inner self. Having experienced this I am grateful for getting the clarity about my story, which still continues. Thank you dear Lisette!”

Brigitte RijmersHeft in eigen handen

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