Being Yourself creates Magic 💚

“My Short Story”

Being together with my dog Wolf a magical thing happened. As a result, I took this picture in Portugal in October 2015. Walking through the woods I felt sad. My mother passed away a few weeks before. During my walk, I was constantly thinking about my mum. How I miss her, her talks, her laughing about all kind of things in life. With tears in my eyes, I spoke out loud how much I miss her.


What I didn’t realise at first was that 4 butterflies were flying around me during my walk. There where 3 white butterflies and 1 with beautiful warm colours.
Suddenly I stood still and stretch my arm. This was a reflex. I looked up and saw the butterfly with the beautiful warm colours coming towards me. I held my breath while watching the butterfly coming closer and closer.
She landed on my hand! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stood there watching this scene, feeling so peaceful…


Thinking about someone you love and miss, magic can happen. Being yourself in the present moment will create those magic moments. Be open to receive 💚

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