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Change your mindset to create space for talent and skills.

Being unhappy in your work. Do you recognize yourself in one of the three types described below?

  1. You have found your passion in your work, but it stops here because you cannot transform this passion into your mission statement.
  2. You lead your business on autopilot but are not aware of your passion.
  3. You live in the survival mode (stress) and are not aware of your passion.

Your special talents and your mission are simultaneously connected to your greatest fears and pitfalls. In life, everything comes in pairs. You get a special talent, and also the accompanying pitfall.

What does your body want to tell you? Physical complaints often arise as a result of internal stress. Learn to communicate with your body. By continually asking yourself this question, you become aware of who you are and what you want to change.

Allow yourself the important inner balance that gives you the peace and pleasure in your life, all of this fuelled by passion.


Lisette has helped me in the presentation of my TEDx-talk in a short time to get everything possible. Not only were the dots on I set in terms of content, but just the coaching on presentation techniques and non-verbal aspects have also lifted my talk to a higher level.

    Besides her professional knowledge, her enthusiasm, her involvement and just who she is as a person, helped me to make sure I was well prepared and confident on stage.

Evelien JonkersEvelien Jonkers

I (Tom van Dieren, 19 years, owner SEA’SONS swimwear) worked together with Lisette Heijboer on my TEDx-talk. Something I could only dream of a year ago. In the beginning, I found it difficult to find the essence of my story. Through the coaching sessions, we have managed to get my story clear. Then Lisette helped me to get the right structure in my story. In the beginning, it was still very sloppy. Lisette went to help me with presentation, posture and way of telling. This has given the story a tremendous boost. By Lisette, I started to believe in my own strength and story.

Tom van DierenSea’sons Official


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