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Welcome to Being You!

The Being You base: As a Wellbeing mentor, I have studied nutrition, mindset and storytelling over the past 2 decades. Nutrition through the eyes of Hormone-factor trainer. Mindset through the eyes of Well-Being mentor. Storytelling through the eyes of the Speaker coach.

My expertise as a Well-Being mentor is actively deployed to create the right balance between Vitality & nutrition + mental & physical Mindset from the core. In other words, here comes your own story looking around the corner: Do you live your own story or another one’s story.

For example, you are standing in front of my house and rang the doorbell. The front door opens: Welcome! First, you enter the house and walk into a large hall where the sunlight reflects the warm colours of the doors on your body. They are 3 doors each with a specific name and colour. A door called ‘vitality’, a door called ‘storytelling’ and a door called ‘Mindset’. Which door draws first your attention? Your first choice determines where your need is at this moment. Above all, your first choice is the start of your personal journey together with a unique program specially designed for you.

The bottom line about the essence of life: I believe when you dare to show yourself, you will have the vitality, strength and confidence to bridge every obstacle in your life. Being yourself creates a connection with yourself and thereby with others. In addition, I am convinced that a passing lane is only meant for temporary use. Stay focused on your goals in life.

Know-Thy-Selfie: Look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud: Wow, you look fabulous!

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Without change, there will be no butterflies

Welcome in Lisette’s home

Lisette has helped me in the presentation of my TEDx-talk in a short time to get everything possible. Not only were the dots on I set in terms of content, but just the coaching on presentation techniques and non-verbal aspects have also lifted my talk to a higher level.

    Besides her professional knowledge, her enthusiasm, her involvement and just who she is as a person, helped me to make sure I was well prepared and confident on stage.

Evelien JonkersEvelien Jonkers

I (Tom van Dieren, 19 years, owner SEA’SONS swimwear) worked together with Lisette Heijboer on my TEDx-talk. Something I could only dream of a year ago. In the beginning, I found it difficult to find the essence of my story. Through the coaching sessions, we have managed to get my story clear. Then Lisette helped me to get the right structure in my story. In the beginning, it was still very sloppy. Lisette went to help me with presentation, posture and way of telling. This has given the story a tremendous boost. By Lisette, I started to believe in my own strength and story.

Tom van DierenSea’sons Official


A positive balance between Head & Heart, Body & Soul.


Clarity in your story ensures the connection with yourself and the other person.


Is a way of thinking that determines how you look at yourself, your qualities and your skills.

Lisette’s home

Vitality, your story and your Mindset are inextricably linked. A low energy level is a signal that you live without doing what you like. As a result, you unconsciously mirror yourself to that other person. The result is that it overshadows your own story. Meanwhile, your own qualities and talents are invisible because you live the passion of that other person. This feeling is temporarily fine but disappears quickly.

In short, is this what you want? If your answer is no, then it’s time for that next step: which door do you choose?

Door 1 Vitality | Door 2 Storytelling | Door 3 Mindset

Are you ready for a new step?

Yes, I’m ready for a new step! Feel welcome in Lisette’s home. Choose the door that triggers you and starts your new adventure.

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